In this article, you are about to read you will learn the best way to modify videos online with the use of video compressor without losing in any form.

These compressors are usually useful when you are using an IOS, windows or mac, Android, and   Linux.
If you are using this compressor tool, you don’t need to install them on your device, why because it can compress every video you want on any device.
They are two different forms of the compressor; we have the online compressor and the offline compressor.
THE OFFLINE COMPRESSOR: If you are using an offline compressor, you only need to install the software on your device,  while the online compressor is mostly a website based tool, and it has more advantage than the offline compressor, because if you are using an online compressor, you don’t need to compress your video for more than 10 to 15 minutes,it all depends on how good you are.


This video compressor I’ve just listed below are the ones you can use to decrease the size of your video file online, and it helps you compress the size of the video file also. And it doesn’t lose any quality.
The video compressor can accept a considerable amount of any video resolution. and it takes different types of format, for instance, 3GP, MP4, FLV, AVI, and many more 


It’s a well-known video compressor‘s just that it has a Paid and free version. If you wish to go for the free version, definitely you would go through some process. But if you are using the premium version, you will be able to compress any video workout ease 

(2) ACC convert

An acc convert is a free compressor tool, and it’s so simple, not complicated in any form. And one fact about this tool is that it works well for in-depth discussion, it is comprised of MP4 to GIf. from WEBM toMP4. FromMP4 to GIF, from TO MP4 and many more.

When you want to compress your video, you have to select the video then you pick the format, and then you choose an option, and you click on Convert. You will never lose the level of the video you compressed.


Zamzar is a website that helps you convert or compresses any form of video in any format, compressing your video with is as simple as ABC, you have to pick the file from your device, or you use the link. It allows you to choose the data the way you want it to be converted. In the process of converting your video, the site will request for your email in other for  you to get the converted video and the other files 


Ezgif is a tool that has a lot of features, comprised of video compressor. This tool can compress your video straight from your device; it can also compress any video once you insert your link on it. The video compressor can Also modify all sort of video formats, for instance, MP4, FLV, WEBM, MOV and many more.

This tool can help you convert your video to MP4 and GIF.
You can do various things with any video. If you want to turn it to GIF or to refine your GIF also convert your pictures to GIF, This tool is the best to use for it.


 This tool Is free to use, it allows you to decrease the size of the video file online, it compresses the size of the video file, and you will never lose the level of the video.

You can also refine the videos that were shot on smartphones like iPhone, what you have to do is select the file of the video then you click on upload video
It will take some few minutes. It all depends on how long your video is, you can as well compress the size of your video by using the video’s link. One thing about this tool is that it allows the user to use a low compressed level, and you can take audios off the video, and you can measure the Width of your video.
You can increase any MP3 volume when you are using the online compressor tool; you can convert to audio and compress your pictures Also.

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