The use of technology has gone very viral in every part of the world, we all use technology for various things, we use it  to interact with people, to work, we use it for our business and so many things.if you are a student, and you find it challenging to get yourself some needful stuff,then you need to save any extra money you have on you in other to get your needs.
in the article you will learn how to save money with the use of technology. 


If you are a student and you always have the opportunity to travel with your colleagues or your friends. There is an app that useful for you.itis called GasBuddy this app helps you fish out where you can get the cheapest gas within your vicinity, the App is free to use on Apple Store,or on play store or any smartphone application stores


 Grouponis shared among every mother, but lots of people don’t know it’s useful for students, because it has a discount program for the student. as a student, you will get %25 bonus for every local sale, and the Package is going to run for six good months that if you are a first-timer, you will also get %15 extra that’s if you use a valid email


everyone loves groceries, so we all can’t afford the risk of not going to get in the store.
They are some apps you can download on your phone that helps you in saving up some money for groceries, you can get coupons on some apps, but the others will refund your money on every transaction.
You need to go through these applications.they are free to use, you can get them on IOS Android, and iPhone 


We all know what-what it takes to get money to buy your school handouts, it’s likely for every student to spend lots of money to buy their hand out, but no one knows there is an app where you can buy your handout at a very low price. The name is Chegg, its an Android app where you can get your  school handout at low cost, rather than spending hundreds of dollars in getting your school handout.chegg will allow you to have some money to save 


If you are planning to hold a party or any event, you will need an attractive poster,instead of you  hiring a graphic designer to help you design a professional  poster or paying for software’s that can help you do the job, you can just do it by yourself for free with the use of this app called DesignCap

(ii) PRIME

There is a tool owned by Amazon, which is called Amazon Prime; it’s helpful for students in particular.
Let’s assume the bookstore in your vicinity doesn’t have what you need, then Amazon prime is right for you. With the Amazon prime, you can get your item shipped for free for two days 

(iii)  PHOTOS

Do you need prints on bulletin boards or your scrapbook?
There is an app you can use in getting prints for free; it is called Shutterfly. You get gifts on birthdays and vacations on this app.


If you find yourself among students that want to seat for an expensive test like GMAT,LSAT, and GRE. Getting the needful matters is very expensive,the solution to this is checking the internet for free stuff rather than  spending a lot of money on printed can get those materials for free if you make a profound research on it
your needs.In the article you will learn how to save money with the use of technology.

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