The Fact About 5G Network And COVID-19 According to Experts That Nigerians Need to Know

There has been news making the rounds that 5G affects our health as humans.What many want to know now is the experts’ view on this viral matter.Question 1: ‘Does the 5G network affect our health?Question 2: ‘Can 5G Accelerate the action of COVID-19?Question 3: ‘Is the low cases of Coronavirus in Africa, Nigeria inclusive, as […]

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US Scientist: Only Sunny Weather Destroys Coronavirus Globally

US Scientist: Only Sunny Weather Destroys Coronavirus GloballyA US biological scientist has warned that a near clearing of the pandemic of the Coronavirus will not be expected soon.Dr. Ancha Parananova, professor of biology at GMU School of Systems Biology, USA, indicated that only a biological miracle can terminate the macabre threats linked to the deadly virus.Parananova […]