How To Print Your Picture On Your Mobile Phone Using Pressing Iron

 Science has done it again, this is no joke nor does it require any special tools or chemical to do this, all you need to print your picture on your mobile phone are listed below.

1. A phone protector likes the one below.

2. Your favourite picture.

3. A pressing iron.
4. Electricity.
Well, to be sincere the steps I’ll be giving are not complicated nor ambiguous, so easy and understanding all you need is to pay close attention and make use of the images as a guide.
Not to waste our time, let’s get to work.
Step 1:
After you might have gotten your phone protector and your favourite picture then you can now tape your picture at the outer part of the phone protector as shown in the picture below.
Note: I’ll refer you to get a transparent phone protector for a better result.

Step 2:
This is simple science, as we all know that heat can be transferred from one medium to another. Now we are going to make use of that by connecting your pressing iron to electricity allowing it to get hot, mind you not to hot you only need a little amount of heat for this experiment.
After that, you iron the picture for 5 minutes, as shown in the picture below.
Step 3:
After ironing for five minutes put the specimen in water and remove it after 20 minutes.
Then peel the picture as shown in the picture below.
If you follow the steps strictly, you’ll get a result like the one below, trust me.
So dry the phone protector and put your phone back in it then you have your mission completed.
If you have any questions kindly drop it in the comment section also don’t forget to follow up for more science hacks. Thank you.

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