10 Things You Should Stop Doing With Your iPhone

Having an iPhone is now considered as a valued possession in this modern era mostly because of the way its iconic features leaving other smartphones looking left out and outdated.

Although Presently, there are certain smartphones that are trying to provide the same features as that of an iPhone, they can’t beat an iPhone.

Unfortunately, most iPhone users don’t use their phone as they should in order to get maximum performance, who know? you too probably don’t treat it as well as you should.

Well, during the course of usage, there are ways by which you might be hurting your iPhone without realising it. 

Well, during the course of usage, there are ways by which you might be hurting your iPhone without realising it. 

Here are some things you might be doing wrong on Iphone:

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  1. Temperature Regulation
  2. Never Turning it Off
  3. Screen brightness
  4. Using Non-Apple Chargers
  5. Charging Overnight
  6. No Passcode Protection
  7. Enabling all Push Notifications
  8. Not Keeping it Clean
  9. Keeping WI-FI and Bluetooth On

Having seen the above list, now lets briefly teach you on how the above activities affect your iPhone lifespan and how you can easily avoid them.


Temperature regulation is quite necessary for your iPhone device as the device is not designed to endure extreme temperatures. have it in mind that any temperature less than 32 degrees and more than 95 degrees is not appropriate for your iPhone.

This temperature might cause your iPhone to shut down unnecessarily or drain the battery, so keep your away or off when going to places with high temperatures. eg Beach


Always try to turn off your iPhone periodically especially when it’s idle and stays on for no reason. having your iPhone always active will not only drain your battery but it degrades the battery life.

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So, if you want your iPhone to stay with you longer and healthy, shut it off when it isn’t needed.


Lets your screen brightness e average or minimum and should be turned to the maximum only when necessary which should then be returned to the former.

Doing this will not just help your eyes but it’ll help your iPhone battery last longer during usage.


iPhone chargers may be pricey but it’s worth the investment. People think buying off-brand chargers is the main deal proposing they charge just like iPhone chargers but that’s wrong.

Non-apple chargers only damage the battery and in some cases might cause fire or explosions.


It’s advisable you unplug your iPhone charger once it gets to 100% and only plugs in when it gets to 40%, although it is discovered that Lithium-ion batteries — which are used in iPhones — work best when powered between 50% and 80%.

So, it advisable you charge cautiously so you don’t destroy your battery over-time.


If this feature is not too needed then its recommended you disable push notification on all app because these notifications don’t only drain your battery but they consume your iPhone data.


Our iPhones are usually cleaner than it looks but our day-to-day activities such as sneezing near it, breathing to it, cleaning with our hands and many ways by which germs settle on the phone.

The best to do is lint-free cloths and keep your phone far from germs.


Most iPhone users have their WI-FI and Bluetooth turned on forever which is wrong. it drains the battery and keeps saving files while connected to the internet.

You can go ahead to turn it on when necessary, doing these will help save your battery and space.
That’s all confirmed activities you should stop doing with your iPhone.

10.  fully draining battery

Lithium-ion batteries — which are used in iPhones — work best when powered between 50 and 80 percent, Shane Broesky, founder of Farbe Technik, a company that makes charging accessories, told Digital Trends. Fully discharging your battery, on the other hand, could also allow your battery to fall into a “deep discharge state,” which makes the ions incapable of holding a charge, Apple noted. Topping up your battery in short spurts give the battery’s ions just enough energy to work continuously and protect your battery life, he added. In other words, think about charging your phone the way you do about eating and snacking throughout the day.

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