5 Top-Rated Attractions and Things to Do in Rosarito

Rosarito, Mexico, isn’t exactly an hour from the United States, however it feels like a different universe. From tenderly wet waves to truly unstable twilight observed from the Malecon (ocean divider), from natural life to hot springs, Rosarito is truly a laid-back target that has something for everyone.

Obviously, most travelers are drawn to Rosarito for the shores of the sea. In the distant past it was an escape for the world-class Hollywood, who ventured to the waterfront, which was used for movie sets. It later turned into a hiding place for those who avoid the ban.

1. Rosarito beach

Rosarito has long been a surfer’s paradise, so you can imagine how superb the shores of the sea are. Even today, a huge number of surfers glide on the nearby shores of the sea every year in search of the ideal wave.

Rosarito Beach was once reserved for Hollywood movie sets, yet today the shoreline is a thriving hotspot for locals and travelers soaking up the rays, splashing in hot water, working out or eating tacos. really genuine fish.

2. Outrageous sports

With incredible surf, lots of mountains, and lots of open space, it’s no big surprise that Rosarito is a safe home for an outdoor experience and outrageous play. A significant number of breaks by the sea means that Rosarito is perfect for surfers, after all.
Remember, experienced surfers will need to stay in the southern part of the entrance, while the gentler waves break at the northern end. Specialists claim that the best surfing is by all accounts near the pier.

3. Visit Puerto Nuevo

Just 20 minutes from Rosarito is the oceanfront town of Puerto Nuevo. A wonderful party goal that ignores the Pacific coast, Puerto Nuevo is a magnificent road trip or overnight trip from Rosarito, in case you’re looking for a difference in sight. With over 40 restaurants, Puerto Nuevo is absolutely a foodie’s paradise.
Not only that, it’s also an incredible departure for a touch of doom. You’ll need to visit the Ventana al Mar Spa, which is possibly the best spa in Baja, known for its back massages, facials, and several pools.

4. Examine the galleries

The amazing view combined with a particular client is the ideal mix to make a scene of rising expressions in Rosarito. The small coastal town is filled with craft exhibits and furniture shops. From iron models to exhibitions and workshops, it is far from difficult to bring home some Rosarito.

The local craft market has many shops including neighborhood expressions and specialties. Walk the narrow passages to find clothes, calfskin, Talavera ceramics, covers, gems and that’s just the beginning.

In Plaza Pabellón you will discover clothes, restaurants and espresso. Also, remember the furnishings. Rosarito is home to carpenters, iron artisans and stone workers, who have showrooms upholstered with handcrafted furniture. On the off chance that you want something uniquely crafted, they can unquestionably think about that too.
Visit the Polo Gallery, which is a must see in Rosarito. It has been open for over two decades and houses works by more than 15 Baja artisans. In La Iguana, metal is welded to shape beds, seats, patio furniture, entrances and lights.

5. Los Coronados

Only approaching the sea from the coast of Rosarito are four generally desolate and harsh islands. About seven miles from the sea, these mesmerizing landmasses are something beyond the disconnected jolts to the ocean. Los Coronados, as they are called, includes a quaint paradise for swimmers, jumpers, fishermen, nature lovers and travelers.
No guests are really allowed on the islands, as an approach to saving natural life, however since their inception, the islands have had their impact, in the case of being a supposed safe home for privateers or a stopover for rum sprinters during the prohibition.

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